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Monitor and optimize your water delivery for your crops 24/7.

Whether you are on-site or off-site, a soil moisture monitoring system ensures you always keep your plants healthy by delivering the exact quantity of water they need.

Maximize your profits with our Soil Moisture solution.

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1 350,0 € (tax excl.)

65,0 € / 1 Year (tax excl.)(1 Month free)

    Soil moisture and its availability to support plant growth is a primary factor in farm productivity. Too little moisture can result in yield loss and plant death. On the other hand, too much causes root disease and water waste.

    Water delivers any nutrients that are not tightly bound to the soil. Whether these nutrients are delivered through irrigation or other means, movement of water within the soil determines how the nutrients are delivered to the plant’s roots. Therefore, good water management is important as such, but also means optimal nutrient management.

    Precise control over the root zone environment leads to healthier crops and bigger yields. The soil information can help you gain control over the root zone environment by taking measurements, observing trends over time, and using this information to make irrigation decisions. If applied correctly, this can significantly increase productivity and reduce cost.

    Thanks to LoRaWAN you minimize your investment by using a long range technology. A gateway covers up to 15 km2 on the countryside.

    Carrier grade system from the LoRaWAN market leader 

    Carrier grade system used by all tier 1 service providers and major OEMs worldwide.

    Your LPWAN gateways and devices are managed by a geo-redundant platform

    with 24/7 supervision.

    Unlimited uplink and downlink traffic from your managed network

    (subject to local RF regulations)

    ThingPark Wireless network management console:

        Manage all LoRaWAN gateways that form your managed LPWAN network

        Monitor the network, RF cells and WAN backhaul connections

        Analyze traffic trends

        Manage alarms

        Create & manage routes to Application Servers

    ThingPark Wireless device management console:

        Manage all your LoRaWAN devices 

        Monitor device traffic & battery status

        Manage device activity alarms

        Manage connectivity plans & their associations to devices

        Access to LoRaWAN network sniffer

    Professional Application to monitor your assets

    WmW is a hub where you can collect and distribute data. This automatic self installed LIGHT version of WmW offers you diverse features such as location management, detailed pages with history graphs, grouping, and a stacked ruling system to set alarms. 

    This application will give you maximum visibility of your environmental data in your greenhouse. If you wish to use the application for other purposes, you can change the rules, locations, related images and much more directly. Please check the video tutorials once you are logged in for all available features.

    The WmW-LIGHT application is automatically set up once you have connected the gateway to a network. All devices are provisioned and will start sending their data to this visual application. Log in with your marketplace username and password and display your connected devices in a graphical interface.

    You will be able to visualize your data in user friendly graphs. The setup houses predefined settings and sample images, that the user can alter or complete and customize to fit their exact situation.

    Add locations on Google maps and control each individual growth scenario. The most important sample settings are a temperature alarm and a battery alarm.

    Follow the video tutorials to add new rules or change existing ones, for your plant growth can be monitored and predicted by the readings of your delivered devices.

    Flexibility to grow as you need

    Once you are satisfied with your first package you can easily complement it with other packs:

    Add more sensors to your existing packages

    Increase the coverage of your network by adding more gateways

    Pricing Information

    The solution consists of an upfront cost plus a yearly "right-to-use" subscription fee. VAT and shipping cost to final destination are not included.

    The upfront cost covers hardware while the subscription fee covers the ThingPark Wireless license and the application. 

    For more details, please refer to our FAQ.

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