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Build and test your own use case !

Track assets in a cost effective way, using multiple geolocation technologies.This Proof-of-Concept package allows you to test test for three months and with technical support the smart tracking capabilities of the Abeeway devices combined with LoRaWAN connectivity.

This package is for demo purposes only.

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1 990,0 € (tax excl.)

    This Location Trial Package makes it simple to test trackers, coverage and platform to validate your Proof of Concept. With the emergence of LoRaWAN, asset tracking becomes economically viable. Leveraging high battery life capabilities and low total cost of ownership, the Abeeway trackers provide a cost-efficient solution for tracking assets, using LoRaWAN connectivity and embedded geolocation intelligence. The price package includes gateway, devices and connectivity in one price!


    It’s simple, fast and ready to go!


    The Abeeway trackers use multiple location technologies: GPS, Low-power GPS (proprietary Abeeway’s technology deporting the GPS calculations to the cloud, making it faster and up to 10 times more energy-efficient) and Wi-Fi Sniffing. To optimize battery life, the Abeeway devices use the most cost effective connectivity and integrated sensors to enable smart multi-mode behavior, adaptable to your usage and use cases:


    • Motion Tracking: real-time position when motion is detected

    • Permanent tracking: regular interval real time positioning

    • Start/End: positioning at motion start and end events

    • Fix on demand: get position only when needed

    • Activity tracking: monitor activity rate with embedded sensors



    Asset tracking and management

    With our Low Power Location Trial Package, you can create perfect track & trace solutions for field equipment. Cover your site with low power LoRaWAN connectivity and use Abeeway trackers to localize machinery, tools or construction material. Operate industrial control of your assets by monitoring their activity. Optimize your equipment fleet and detect underutilized assets to avoid unnecessary rental costs. Improve security by detecting theft of your assets and valuables.

    Supply chain optimization

    Create a solution to provide end-to-end transparency across supply chains by tracking goods during transportation from manufacturers through warehouses and till distribution. Place trackers in vehicles, pallets, containers, industrial deliveries and enjoy our efficient multi-technology geolocation to get their real-time location in changing environments: using Wi-Fi/BLE in warehouses, GPS and Low Power GPS in urban areas, LoRa TDoA in remote rural areas… using private or public LoRaWAN connectivity.


    Personal safety and security

    Insure people’s safety on construction or industrial sites, ports, mines and buildings by setting up their real-time location indoor & outdoor.  Create geofencing alerts for dangerous and risk zones and give the workers the possibility to use a SOS button alert in case of problem. Abeeway Micro Trackers are ideal safety devices allowing to establish a two-way communication. 


    Livestock location management

    Equip cattle with trackers to create a livestock tracking & monitoring solution to improve the performance of a farm. Locate farm animals to find missing livestock and improve productivity by monitoring timing and places of grazing. Create a full smart farming solution by tracking farm equipment like tractors, balers, to reduce time spending on its retrieving, management and storing.

    Carrier grade system from the LoRaWAN market leader 

    Carrier grade system used by all tier1 service providers & major OEMs worldwide.

    Your LPWAN gateways and devices are managed by fully geo redundant platform

    with  24*7 supervision.

    Unlimited uplink and downlink traffic from your managed network 

    (subject only to local RF regulations).


    ThingPark Wireless network management console:

        Manage all the LoRaWAN gateways that form your managed LPWAN network

        Monitor the network, RF cells and WAN backhaul connections

        Analyze traffic trends

        Manage alarms

        Create & manage routes to Application Servers


    ThingPark Wireless device management console:

        Manage all your LoRaWAN devices 

        Monitor device traffic & battery status

        Manage device activity alarms

        Manage connectivity plans & their associations to devices

        Access to LoRaWAN network sniffer


    Abeeway Device Analyzer Application

    Abeeway integrated software platform is a hub that collects, manages, integrates, analyzes and visualizes sensor data associated with the geolocation information.

    This application gives maximum visibility of your geolocation data, allowing changing the rules and related images directly in the application. The setup comes with predefined settings and sample images, and allows personalization to respond to your specific needs. The Abeeway Device Analyzer application is automatically set up as soon as the gateway is connected to a network.

    All devices are provisioned and will start sending their data to this visual application. Log in and see your connected devices in a graphical interface!

    Abeeway Device Analyzer comes with features:

             Device list management & filtering

             Position visualization with the ability to keep track of location data

             Send commands to the tracker to change behavior

             Monitoring key performance indicators of each tracker such as Battery or Temperature

             Monitoring radio indicators like RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) or SNR

             (Signal-to-Noise Ratio)

    Flexibility to grow as you need

    Once you are satisfied with your first package you can easily complement it with other packs:

    Add more sensors to your existing packages

    Increase the coverage of your network by adding more gateways

    Increase the possibilities by adding complementary packages

    Pricing Information

    The price includes both hardware and software license subscriptions. VAT and shipping cost to final destination are not included. 
    Software subscriptions are included, covering the ThingPark Wireless license and application, and including the right to use a ThingPark gateway and partner application.