LoRaWan Field Test Solution EU868


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The LoRaWAN field test trial pack allows to try the LoraWAN technology using a LoRaWAN field test device, an outdoor gateway and the ThingPark Wireless network server.

The Kit is available for Europe in the 868MHZ ISM band.

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1 229,0 € (tax excl.)

25,0 € / 1 Year (tax excl.)(1 Month free)

    Whether this is the first time you get exposed to the LoRaWAN long-range technology or you wish to deploy your own solution, verifying the coverage is always a must to guarantee the quality of service your customers are expecting.

    We have developed this field test solution for that purpose. It integrates the industry standard component such as Adeunis field test, Kerlink gateway, and ThingPark wireless network server.

    The kit will allow you to check the RF characteristics of each of the locations where your equipment will be installed and thus to ensure the battery life of the sensors


    Carrier-grade system from the LoRaWAN market leader 

    Carrier-grade system used by all tier1 service providers & significant OEMs worldwide.

    Your LPWAN gateways and devices are managed by the fully geo-redundant platform

    with 24*7 supervision

    Unlimited uplink and downlink traffic from your managed network

    (subject only to local RF regulations)

    ThingPark Wireless network management console:

    Manage all the LoRaWAN gateways that form your managed LPWAN network

    Monitor the network, RF cells and WAN backhaul connections

    Analyze traffic trends

    Manage alarms

    Create & manage routes to Application Servers

    ThingPark Wireless device management console:

    Manage all your LoRaWAN devices

    Monitor device traffic & battery status

    Manage device activity alarms

    Manage connectivity plans & their associations to devices

    Access to LoRaWAN network sniffer


    Network Survey application to verify your coverage

    The Network Survey tool helps visualize device data (radio metrics, payload information) on the map. This tool is very useful to assess LoRaWAN network coverage status through walk/drive tests and detect any coverage gaps if proper payload decoder is used. DL radio measurements can also be available in the tool if the device sends them in UL frame payload.

    Multiple maps:

    Plan / Satellite view

    Multiple gateways supported

    Signal information: SF, Noise & interferer for both uplink and downlink

    Details for each received packet


    Flexibility to grow as you need

    Once you are satisfied with your first package you can easily complement it with other packs:

    Add more sensors to your existing packages

    Increase the coverage of your network by adding more gateways

    Increase the possibilities by adding complementary packages


    Pricing Information

    Prices include both hardware and software license subscriptions. VAT and shipping cost to the final destination is not usually included. 
    Software subscriptions cost €245 (excluding VAT) for 12 months, covering the ThingPark Wireless license and application, and including the right to use a ThingPark gateway and partner application.

    You have a one month free trial period to test and evaluate our services. At the end of the period, your credit card will be charged by 245€ for an additional 12 months. The renewal process is entirely automatic.

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