Micro Trackers Extension Low Power Location Trial Pack US915


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Extend your Proof of Concept to a Field Trial by adding more Trackers. Not yet ready for your full-scale project? Continue to test the power of the multi-technology geolocation solutions of Abeeway and increase the number of pre-configured trackers of your Trial Package.

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100,0 € (tax excl.)

    As a pre-requisite of purchasing this pack, you must have purchased a Low-Power Location US915 Package.

    This pack contains 2 Abeeway pre-configured Micro Trackers. After discovering this small device combining GPS, Low Power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffing in the Trial Package, you chose it for your project. To expand your Proof of Concept to a Field Trial and validate the accuracy of the outdoor and indoor geolocation prior to going full-scale, increase the number of trackers.

    The Micro Tracker supports LoRaWAN for long range wide area connectivity, BLE for easy interoperability with other devices, and it includes various embedded sensors.  A button, a buzzer and 3 LEDs are available to interface with the user. This compact and long battery lifetime product is perfect for personal tracking applications and numerous industrial use cases. 

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      Your subscription to a ThingPark Wireless managed service connectivity plan enables LoRaWAN  communication for the device(s) associated to the subscription. Up link and down link traffic limits Routing capabilities Access to network features Usage of LoraWAN features RF region default setting ADR behavior for different classes of service    

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      Positionning on demand &Motion tracking GPS Fix cycle setting OTA Temperature Monitoring BLE, bluetooth low energy, and a powerful buzzer offers the outdoor position Buzzer allows the user to find your lost object home 3-axis accelerometer, integrated pressure and temperature sensor, 1 integrated alert button Power: battery rechargeable via micro USB...

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