ELSYS was formed in 2005 as a spin-off from Umeå University involving several researchers and lecturers from the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics. ELSYS is a leading provider of sensors, connected devices and network solutions. ELSYS currently provides their own products in connected vehicles, logistics and LoRaWAN™ for the professional market, with products deployed in many countries around the world. ELSYS also provides development services in electronic hardware and software design with main focus on wireless sensors and embedded systems.

Sensing Labs, innovative start-up in the field of IoT and connected objects based in Montpellier (France), provides wireless sensors solutions serving BtoB markets that are driven by energy & cost savings needs.

We target primarily 3 markets:

  • Smart Metering (gas, water, electricity, temperature, humidity)

  • Smart Building (energy efficiency, …)

  • Operation optimization and predictive maintenance

Sensors Easy and Fast to integrate, providing Content-Rich Data at a low cost and a simple acquisition

The Senlab Sensors combines Hardware, Firmware & Software and are easy and fast to integrate into a final end-to-end solution. Our value proposition is to reduce cost of data, provide content-rich data previously unavailable and simplify data acquisition. Ultra long range (up to 9.5 miles line of sight), ultra low power (up to 20 years), 17 years of experience  and a sensor range ready to use and on shelves are our major advantages.

We operate exclusively in BtoB with a large customer base of integrators, in a favourable and fast-moving environment thanks to main telephone operators in Europe, innovative radio long range and unmatched product lifetime.

A worldwide company

Thanks to its distribution network, Sensing Labs is present throughout in Europe, Middle East, Near East and Russia. We continue to expand our international presence.

adeunis® is a company specialized in the manufacture of connected devices and the development of ready-to-use wireless solutions dedicated to IoT (Internet Of Things) BtoB business areas.

We have more than 20 years of experience that allows us to put at your disposal an agnostic and targeted technological approach to support you in the deployment of your IOT solutions.

From the manufacture of connected devices to  the support on your sites for the deployment and maintenance of our solutions, including the integration of connectivity (management of your subscriptions, selection of technology adapted to your needs), adeunis® is positioned on the entire data processing chain, providing you with all or part of the necessary solutions, depending on your needs.

Dedicated to the IoT BtoB markets, adeunis® focuses its activities on Building Management and Processes and Services Optimization.

Whether you want to improve the management of your building, real-time monitoring of your energy consumption, detect a tank level, be alerted during a machine malfunction…, adeunis® products and solutions are deployed according to your projects.

For more than 20 years, adeunis® has been supporting its international customers with products using the latest technologies and implementing innovative solutions.