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Abeeway Master Tracker

New product

  • Positionning on demand
  • Motion tracking
  • GPS Fix cycle setting OTA
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Integrated 3-axis accelerometer
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • 1 non-rechargeable battery : 3.6 V, 19 mA, size D

More details

    Weight: 0.24 kg
    Width: 14.5 cm
    Height: 0.76 cm
    Depth: 0.42 cm

    The MasterTracker is a Low Power Industrial Tracker. It combines a GPS receiver, WIFI receiver and a Semtech Lora transceiver, it could also include BLE for high quantities demand. Offering outdoor position (AGPS - 10m accurate) and indoor (WIFI Positionning - 30m accurate). The MasterTracker also incorporate an accelerator and a proprietary low power GPS technology (AGPS) to offer a "never seen before" autonomy; up to 10 years.

    The MasterTracker is a Low Power GPS Tracker and Geolocation system used for transport, vehicles, trucks, Public works, construction, logistics, supply chain management, security, asset management; used already by the biggest names in every area, and distributed by the business teams of the European Operators.

    The MasterTracker can use the multi-pattented AGPS system of Abeeway: Position in 10 sec against 1min for GPS, better sensitivity (working even in bad conditions), and up to 10 times the GPS autonomy. 
    The MasterTracker offers multi-mode geolocation: GPS, WIFI (sniffing and triangulation) and is compatible with BLE Geolocation (in option), and TDOA. With all these systems, it offer a complete indoor/outdoor geolocation.

    A Live demo at MWC 2017 has demonstrated the precision, autonomy, and fiability of the MasterTracker, giving GPS (AGPS), Wifi (sniffing and triangulation), TDOA (LoRaLoc triangulation) on big screens in Actility and Cisco Booths. 
    Abeeway offer also (added cost) a web/mobile application and a SaaS to follow your trackers, change them settings, demand a position, create geofencing (and receive sms or email when your tracker is entering a special zone).

    Working with most telecoms of Europe, Abeeway is able to send you an already connected product, fully ready to use. Only solution "ready to use" in the market, Abeeway offer Hardware, Firmware, Software; and an API to integrate in your own system. Actually EU868 / USA July 2017 / rest of the world september 2017.

    Use of 3 technologies to guarantee seamless geolocation: GPS, assisted GPS (Abeeway proprietary technology enabling rapid location in 10 seconds and battery savings), Wi-Fi (for indoor and urban uses).

    The GPS mode is accurate up to 5 meters; location time: 15 secs for a hot start, 1 min for cold start. The assisted GPS mode is accurate up to 10 meters; location time: 10 secs. The Wi-Fi mode is accurate up to 30 meters; location time: 5 secs.

    Three geolocation modes are available: on-demand, motion tracking, rapid. Geofencing function: alert when entering or exiting an area.

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