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Abeeway Micro Tracker

New product

  • Positionning on demand &Motion tracking
  • GPS Fix cycle setting OTA
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • BLE, bluetooth low energy, and a powerful buzzer offers the outdoor position
  • Buzzer allows the user to find your lost object home
  • 3-axis accelerometer, integrated pressure and temperature sensor, 1 integrated alert button
  • Power: battery rechargeable via micro USB type B
  • Operating temperature: -10° to +65°C

More details

    The MicroTracker is a Low Power Tracker used for children, elderly people, workers, animals and small equipments. It combines a GPS receiver, WIFI receiver and a Semtech Lora transceiver, BLE and a buzzer Offering outdoor position (AGPS - 10m accurate) and indoor (WIFI Positionning - 30m accurate) in automatic detection.The MicroTracker also incorporate an accelerator and a proprietary low power GPS technology (AGPS) to offer a "never seen before" autonomy on such small devices; up to 3 Years. Recheargable with micro-usb for a day use, this product has already been sold to telecom companies, insurances, medical equipment, food industries etc.

    The MicroTracker could be use in B to C as a geolocation system to find people and assets, and has seduced several operators who want to distribute it directly to customers in them agencies 
    The MicroTracker can use the multi-pattented AGPS system of Abeeway: Position in 10 sec against 1min for GPS, better sensitivity (working even in bad conditions), and up to 10 times the GPS autonomy. 
    The MicroTracker offers multi-mode geolocation: GPS, WIFI (sniffing and triangulation) and is compatible with BLE Geolocation, and TDOA. With all these systems, it offer a complete indoor/outdoor geolocation. 
    Abeeway offer also (added cost) a web/mobile application and a SaaS to follow your trackers, change them settings, demand a position, create geo-fencing (and receive sms or email when your tracker is entering a special zone).

    Two geolocation modes are available: "on-demand" (when the GPS is used) or "regular" (periodic location at regular intervals; the intervals are configurable).

    Geofencing function: alert when entering or exiting an area.

    The product is worn or hung, for example on a keyring

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